Broadcast Performance

Throughout the Fall 2021 semester, I took a course titled Broadcast Performance, where I practiced being in front of a camera doing stand-ups, anchoring, and putting together a news package. With these projects, I was challenged greatly to be better. My end goal with this class was to better my presence and get more practice/familiarity talking in front of a camera. Here are a few examples of my best work in the class:

News Package on the Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center.

The Mary Riepma Ross Media Arts Center, also known as The Ross, is an independent movie theater located at 313 North 13th Street in Lincoln, Nebraska.

The theater’s story began in 1990 when Mary Riepma Ross, a New Yorker that loved visiting Nebraska, donated $3.5 million to the University Foundation. This gift was the beginning of an enhancement that later led to the construction of the theater in June of 2001 with completion in January of 2003.

Danny Lee Ladely, director of the Ross, says that he always pushed to play American independent releases when the theater first opened. “We started out by playing retrospectives of directors, the first being Charlie Chaplin. Eventually, cable TV became a thing and audiences stopped coming, so that’s when we started playing new releases exclusively,” Ladely states.

Not only is it a theater, but the Ross is also a resource for the Johnny Carson School of Theater & Film and the Film Studies program of the College of Arts & Sciences.

Stand-Up about A Musical About Star Wars playing at the Lied Performing Arts Center.

Stand-Up about Barry’s Bar & Grill reopening

Stand-Up about No Time to Die releasing in theaters.

Anchoring Recording with co-anchor Jayden Brown